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Compass Competition WEB YOUNG & Pertamina is the umpteenth SEO contest that I follow. Hopefully this point google on my side.

YOUNG & Compass Competition WEB Pertamina is part of a young competition held by the Community Compass young and my friend to celebrate Earth Community Compass five years younger. Similarly Compass young & Competition WEB Pertamina, there's also a photo contest, musikustix, yet because the comic contest. Overall the contest theme "Invest Your Energy For the earth".

Kompetisi WEB Kompas MuDA & Pertamina
Speaking of the earth, seems very close to the environment. Long before the advent of greed, destruction, and our concern for the environment, in the holy book the Qur'an it is written that the setting is a system into one unit. If one half of the system is broken then the imbalance can arise and can cause destruction.

Compass Competition WEB YOUNG & Pertamina took the theme of Invest Your Energy For the planet ought to not simply writing. Least of the various writings of WEB Compass Competition participants YOUNG & Pertamina anyone will inspire our young folks to care and action towards saving the environment.

SEO Contest
We have a tendency to will see how the daddy of our grandfathers, when viewing the watchword keep the atmosphere for our children, inherit the surroundings of his life to us as his kids. How within the '50s, even until the early 2000s, as the equatorial emerald embedded in numerous textbooks arrogant or a selection of media, as if made ??by the father of our grandfather's time as a supply of non-public wealth.

Green expanse when viewed from the sky now a stretch of palm. Water-flowing river water, which formerly mama papa told us how the clear water has now turned turbid and not as stunning as the previous story.

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