Press Conference: VB Maldives Vs Sriwijaya FC

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POJOK BOLA - VB boss Bahtiyar Can Vanli insists his side have nothing to fear against Sriwijaya on Tuesday despite acknowledging the Indonesian side’s strength. 

The Maldivians go into the AFC Cup clash rock bottom of Group F with just one point from their four games so far while their opponents sit second in the standings.

“Our opponent is very strong and we have to take care of them,” said Vanli. 

“But we will fight to beat them and we can do it. We will use our power to get the three points from them.”

The coach admits, though, that the remainder of their campaign is somewhat futile.

“Even if we don’t have any chance to qualify for the second round we will fight for a win. We have minimal chance but we have to fight to get the possible three points,” he added.

“We have to win this game for our name and our honour.

“We have some big problems in our team. Our key players were injured and I have to finalise the team after today’s practice.

“We have some good newcomers but still we have to give them the chance to perform. Look at Fairooz Adam Sameer, he played very well and I hope he will be a star in the future.”

VB lost their last two home games and when asked about the strategy for Tuesday, Vanli said they will be fighting for a win.

“If you are on the pitch you have two duties, which are to score and to defend. So we will try to score a goal and after that we will defend. 

“I will make a change in our defensive line tomorrow and Fairooz will play instead of Douglas.”

Opposite number Ivan Kolev is looking for a win to confirm their place in the second round. 

“Of course it’s an important game for us. If we win the game we can qualify for the second round. It is football, maybe we can win or we may lose the game.

“I can say our opponent is very well organised and they have got some good players so it will be a tough test for us.”

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